• Is your computer running slowly? Are you receiving irregular pop up messages?

    If so, chances are that you have a virus. We are Lufkin's premier virus removal company! We are authorized AVG Antivirus and Crucial memory resellers!

  • Do you have a cracked screen? Fix your computer at home or work!

    Not only are we computer virus removal experts at Jay Eagle's Computer Virus Removal, we are very experienced in PC and laptop repairs. We can fix everything from laptop screens to keyboards, and can even help you speed up your PC with memory upgrades. Call today to discuss your needs!

Virus Removal

Is your computer running slowly or are you seeing irregular pop-up messages? The computer expert at Jay Eagle's Computer Virus Removal can remove any viruses on your computer so that your PC will run quickly and efficiently again.

Data Retrieval

Don't lose important documents ever again! Whether it is a spill or a virus, we can help you restore order back to your computer and retrieve the important documents that you thought you lost.

Repairs and Cleaning

We can help repair all of your laptop and PC hardware, from installing new keyboards to replacing your laptop screen! We also clean computers. Please note that we do not service or repair Apple products.

Jay Eagle’s Computer Virus Removal & Computer Repair
We make your sick computer well!
Lufkin, TX | (936) 240-9568

Are you hesitant to send your computer off to a company outside of Lufkin, TX? At Jay Eagle’s Computer Virus Removal, we do more than just remove viruses from your computer – we can repair the hardware, perform data retrieval, make your PC run faster and much more! At Jay Eagle’s Computer Virus Removal, we understand that you need to get your computer working right away!

You can stop by our office or arrange for us to make a house call. We travel all over Lufkin, TX, as well as the surrounding areas! If you are outside of our range, please call for more details about our out-of-area service.

Our goal is simple – we strive to provide premium customer service in a quick and efficient manner so that we can have your computer back in business as quickly as possible!

Contact us today to discuss your computer’s unique needs and problems! As Lufkin’s premier virus removal and computer repair company, we are qualified and knowledgeable enough to handle complicated repair jobs on a variety of machines. Additionally, we are an authorized AVG Antivirus and Crucial Memory reseller. Please note that we do not work on Apple products.

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